Fisher Space Pen Bullet Stylus Ballpoint Pen

Constructed of all brass and steel components with rubberized stylus for use with Apple iPhones, iPads, Droid smart phones, and Kindle eReaders. It’s got a beautiful matte black finish and comes complete with a gift box. No sharp edges making it perfect for carring in your wallet, pocket or purse. In the open position it is a full sized writing instrument. Refill Fisher Pressurized PR4 Black Ink Medium Point.

  • Writes in all environmental conditions.
  • Writes on coated paper and plastics.
  • Writes through water and underwater and in extreme weather conditions.
  • Not affected by dirt, grease, or cold weather.

NASA selected the Fisher Space Pen for use on all of the Apollo missions. They are still used on manned flights into outer space today. The Fisher Space Pen continues to write in the rain and all other weather conditions. Used by canoers, hikers, campers, golfers, fishermen, snowmobilers and many other outdoorsmen.

  • Length: Open 5.3” – Closed 3.8”
  • Composition: All Brass w/ Chrome Lacquered Finish, Chrome Accents
  • Cartridge: Fisher PR4, Black Ink, Medium Point